This place is so much more than a gym. Last year due to unfortunate circumstances I had to move 3 times, but stayed in the same area because I refused to give up Dynamix. At this box every PR is praised and every member matters no matter your strength or experience. Not to mention our coaching is both unmatched and known worldwide. I've pushed myself further than I ever thought possible, learned so much about my own strength and body (posterior chain?!) and have made lifelong friends! Bleed blue! This place is so much more than a gym, it's my home!

Rosey D.

A place where you come in knowing nothing and you come out with a new found belief in fitness, strength, and determination to always want to do better then yesterday. A place where your classmates in this box not only become your Wod parnter but friend and extended family. This box has everything you need to become the best crossfitter you can be!

Vanessa S.

Going to dynamix is the best thing you can do for your life seriously! I was apprehensive about starting crossfit because of a serious lower back injury few years ago but I met Justin the owner and he was so encouraging so I had to give it a try!! When I first went to dynamix early this year in January the energy of the people and the space is unlike any place I've ever been. The people are cheering everyone on & the excitement was palpable.

Michele S.