Justin and Ashley Cotler


Justin and Ashley began Dynamix Fitness back in 2010 and boy are we glad they did! These two are the most dedicated fitness professionals you will find! Starting from a small studio to becoming one of the best CrossFit gyms in NYC they have continued to show their passion for creating healthy and strong individuals. Justin has coached many top CrossFit athletes, one being the Fittest Woman in the United States, Kari Pearce while Ashley has continued to show her mom strength with PowerAbs for Moms!

They have recently relocated to Las Vegas where the fitness ventures continue. Even though they are not here with us physically the love and support they have put into Dynamix is felt all around. 

Katie Wilday

General Manager/Coach

Katie has been a part of the Dynamix Family since 2015 and says it was the best decision she's ever made. She received her CF-Level 1 certification shortly after joining the box and has never looked back. Since then she got her CrossFit Kids cert and her CrossFit Level 2. As a coach Katie's biggest reward is seeing the excited look on her members’ faces when they do something they never thought they could before. "If you are looking for a great gym you came to right place!" Catch Katie on instagram @katiekagefitness!

CF-L2, CF-Kids

Hugo Rivera

Head Coach/Programmer

Hugo has proven himself to be one of the most energetic and highly-motivated coaches Dynamix Fitness has encountered! Hugo began his fitness journey as a teenager, where he began self-educating himself on body mechanics, fitness and nutrition.  His continued studies have proven to be worthwhile as he just achieved his CF-Level 3 certification!!!  As Head Coach and Programmer of Dynamix Fitness, Hugo's high level of Crossfit knowledge and ability will keep you at your maximum athletic potential.  Tell him you can’t and he’ll say, “Stronger doesn’t happen unless you push yourself - LET'S GET IT!”

Certified CF-L3 Trainer, CF-Gymnastics, CF-Mobility,

USA Weightlifting Level 1

Maria Barklie


The only thing that Maria loves more than CrossFit is her Dynamix Family.  Since 2010 she has been a part of the constant evolution of CrossFit. She enjoys helping people find and develop their inner coach. Since mind and body are so intertwined, changing one leads to change in the other. By helping an athlete with fitness, we change their life. At Dynamix Maria strives to constantly be better and is inspired, hopes to inspire, is lifted and hopes to lift those around her. So if you’re ever at the box and hear a loud YEAAAHHH, she’s there.

CF-L2, CF-Kids, CF-Gymnastics, CF-Mobility