• Justin Cotler

    (CrossFit Level 1/Powerlifting Specialist/Olympic Lifting Specialist/CrossFit Kids)

    "I am on a quest to create super-humans out of mere mortals. You say impossible, I say possible. You say you can't, I say you will. You only think you can't because you never have before. As your coach it is my job, my responsibility to make you better than you ever imagined. And I will."

    Ashley Catherine Schmitt

    (CrossFit Level 1/ACE/Pre-Post Natal/CrossFit Kids/CPR/AED Certified)

    Ashley is living proof that small people can lift heavy things...multiple times... aaaand quick! With her energetic and positive coaching techniques, she will make small accomplishments turn into glorious victories. Whether she is programming athletes, training pre/post natal mothers, stretching specialty problem spots, or making movements more efficient through gymnastic work, Ashley welcomes any and all! Go Packers...or go home!

    Edgar Vicioso

    (CrossFit Level 1/ Boxing Instructor)

    Edgar "Vicious" Vicioso aka BEAST has been obsessed with "The Sweet Science" for over a decade which has lead him to learn all about boxing's wonderful intricacies and nuances. He loves sharing all he has learned and continues to learn with his students. He teaches and stresses proper form on footwork and striking but does it with the most accepting and reassuring smile. "Beast" is just a nick name given for his rather large stature but Edgar is nothing more than a gentle giant who welcomes all levels into his classes. A sense of accomplishment and extreme rise in self-confidence are just some of the side-effects of taking his class. Lets have some fun!

    Anna Gannon

    (Yoga Instructor)

    Anna Gannon is a certified yoga guide living in the New York City area. Her Mission is to help people create a happy and healthy life that is sustainable, using yoga as a guide to that sustainability. She believes that creating an easy going, fun environment in yoga classes encourages people to find their own way of practicing yoga, at their own individual pace.

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    Kylee Klaxton

    (CrossFit Level 1)

    FIRST a singer/songwriter... ALWAYS a Southern Belle, stumbled upon CrossFit when she moved to NYC. She learned through patience and diligence what it meant to hold her own amongst some of the toughest athletes. Kylee was so pleased to see her hard work paying off when she started competing! With the encouragement of her fellow teammates and loved ones... along with supernatural strength, Kylee went on to win 3 competitions as well as placing 6th in the 2011 NorthEast Regional CrossFit Competition. Kylee has a heart for people and a passion for making a difference! Call her an athlete and she'll smile, treat her like a lady and she'll say 'you're darn right', express your desire to be driven and she'll lead you!

    Johnny Nice

    (CrossFit Level 1/ Battling Rope Specialist)

    I am here to motivate you; to be the positive reinforcement that fuels you. I will be loud and exuberant for I am your biggest fan. I will make your goals my own. I am your coach and you are MY ATHLETE.

    When Johnny was introduced to CrossFit, he discovered that the years he spent body building had left him sluggish and unstable.He started training at Dynamix Gym using the CrossFit methodology under the strict supervision of Justin and his crew and he instantly fell in love with CrossFit and The Battling Ropes System.

    Johnny's appreciation for the rhythmic movements of CrossFit inspired him in becoming a CrossFit Certified Coach and share with others the beauty of this sport.

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